Alina Maria Birkner


* 1989, Munich

 2010 - 2016 Academy of Fine Arts Munich

 Lives and works in Munich, Germany

 Selected Exhibitions



„Whimsical Reveries“ group show Tang Yao Gallery, Beijing


„Selected“ group show Kenna Xu Gallery, Shenzhen 

„Weggefährten“ group show Studio Alexander Iskin, Munich

“Venusian Song“ solo show Kenna Xu Gallery, Shenzhen


"Glimmer Shrine" group show, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Hong

"Paradise Room" group show, GOODROOM, Berlin


-"Stable Friends" group show, Never at Home, Vienna

 -"Illuminated" online group show, Project Gallery V



  -"This is where a line begins"  Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami


-"Jahresgaben" Kunstverein München

-"Primordial Synthetic" group show Ambacher Contemporary, München

-"Chroma" group show, WIP Gallery, Beirut



 -"Spectrum" solo show NDC Art, Knokke

 - "Sirens“ group show This Orient, München

 - "In Search Of" group show VSOP Projects, New York

 - "Hyperland" group show the Orange Garden, Rome


  -"The Power of the Line", group show, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara

 - "3000 Years Rhadamanthys Foundation" group show easy!upstream, München

 - "Finir en beauté" group show Galerie der Künstler, München



 - " cosmic love / rosy dawn" solo show Miranda Kuo Gallery, New York

 - "I'm a rainbow,too" solo show  Centercourt Gallery, München

 - "Diplom 2016" Akademie der bildenden Künste München




 - "recommended by" group show at easy!upstream, München

 -"Good for nothing (cracks in the mirror)" group show at GOODROOM, München

 - "Jahresausstellung" Akademie der bildenden Künste München


Art Fairs 

West Bund Art and Design 2023

Art Shenzhen 2023

Jingart 2023

West Bund Art and Design 2022

West Bund Art and Design 2021

Art Shenzhen 2021

Jingart 2021

Viennacontemporary 2017

Art Paris Art Fair 2017

Viennacontemporary 2016


 ArtMaze Magazine, Issue 22

Artist Statement

In her work, Alina Birkner explores the interaction of colour and light, perception and the effects both have on the viewer. Gradients and colors melt together softly, creating shimmers, through which it seems as if the colour is freed from the canvas's materiality, developing a life of its own.  Pulsating, contracting, expanding - sometimes calming, at other times unsettling, it challenges the observers visual habits. Rainbows, after images, blurring - visual phenomena like these are dealt with in her paintings, that are created in careful application of many layers of diluted acrylic paint, resulting in a weightless luminosity. She often works in series, which gives her the opportunity to explore and vary a wider spectrum of color combinations, whilst leaving the composition unchanged. Painting here serves as a means of communication for questions that can not be answered on an intellectual level, but can only be dealt with through conscious or subliminal experience.